Closing The Book At RadioShack

There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book. Today is my last day at RadioShack Corporation. I’ve resigned to accept the position of Social and Digital Content Manager at TripCase. In the years that I’ve been a part of the social team at RadioShack, we’ve done someContinue reading “Closing The Book At RadioShack”

Churches Going Social

I wrote previously about my church using SMS to add to the sermon experience, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this added to the information card that’s part of our bulletin: In addition to the regular information that you’re invited to share, our church now has fields for you to fill in your FacebookContinue reading “Churches Going Social”

Engadget Suggests You Follow Me On Twitter

Although I resisted at first, preferring the now-basically-defunct Jaiku, Twitter has become an awesome tool for many purposes. Most of my ‘normal’ friends think it’s silly, but pretty much all of my techie friends are on there, and we all use Twitter for different things. I actually run two separate Twitter accounts – a personalContinue reading “Engadget Suggests You Follow Me On Twitter”

Buying A Car – A Social Media Experiment

As you know, I’m quite into using Social Media for various things – it’s an awesome way to connect with both people and companies. Mrs. Guru and I were recently in the car market – we’ve been borrowing a truck from my dad for several months (while we bought CasaGuru), and have paid a fewContinue reading “Buying A Car – A Social Media Experiment”

Back On The Hunt

After a few consulting projects here and there, I’m back on the hunt for exciting opportunities to use my skills. I’m really looking for companies who need my help in setting up an online presence using Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and others. I would also love to join with companies whoContinue reading “Back On The Hunt”

Big (D)esign Conference 2009 Recap

If you follow me on Twitter , you know that this weekend I attended the Big (D)esign Conference in Dallas. I actually volunteered for a few hours in exchange for free admittance, which was well worth it. I showed up a bit early and got to help the Microsoft guys unload their Surface demo, whichContinue reading “Big (D)esign Conference 2009 Recap”

5 Ways To Use Twitter To Increase Traffic

Twitter is a powerful tool, but you can waste quite a bit of time there, as well. I’ve been using Twitter to drive traffic to for several months now, and thought I would share a few of the things that are working well. It’s important to note that simply having a large number ofContinue reading “5 Ways To Use Twitter To Increase Traffic”

I’m Currently Seeking Opportunities

I’m currently seeking opportunities. After nearly 5 years of advertising, sales, online marketing, blogging, and social media, mainly for myself, I’ve realized that it’s high time I share my wealth of knowledge and experience with other companies. I know for a fact that I need to be in either a mobile- or internet-related position. RegardlessContinue reading “I’m Currently Seeking Opportunities”