Everything You Need To Know About SIM Cutting

When the iPhone 4 was announced with a new ‘microSIM’, I’ll confess, I was really annoyed. Leave it to Apple to jack around with a standard that’s been around for years. Turns out, it wasn’t just Apple – lots of newer devices require this┬áminuscule┬áSIM card, including the Motorola DROID RAZR and Nokia’s Lumia phones. OneContinue reading “Everything You Need To Know About SIM Cutting”

Adventures With Yoigo

So I’m in Barcelona, Spain, for Nokia World 2008, and one of my first missions was to get an unlimited data SIM, so that I can easily stay connected. I’d gotten the tip to find a Yoigo SIM, and set out on Sunday afternoon with Jonathan Greene to find a Phonehouse or some other placeContinue reading “Adventures With Yoigo”