Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood

I have over 250 feeds in my RSS reader, and I keep up with a TON of news that way. I also often find things that I want to share. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I often plow through hundreds of news items in one sitting, and if I were to share everything I wantedContinue reading “Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood”

Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life

This past week, my wife and I announced that we’re pregnant. We had our first ultrasound (for this baby, and for us), and got to hear our child’s heartbeat for a few precious seconds. We got to see it, sort of (I still can’t see much in our sonogram, lol), at only 10 weeks intoContinue reading “Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life”

Photo Sharing And Organization Sucks

At Easter with my family, there were no less than 4 cameras floating around, and every photo opportunity, they were all crammed in my face. I keep asking, ‘Why don’t you just use one camera, and then email all the photos to each other?’ They’re all digital cameras, anyways. The answer, of course, is thatContinue reading “Photo Sharing And Organization Sucks”