Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck

Last time I talked about changing my default applications, I was comparing Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox – two of the leading alternative web browsers. Today, I thought I’d look at the differences in the two leading Social Media tools – Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck. I actually started out using Tweetdeck, then moved to SeesmicContinue reading “Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck”

How To: Get A Single Mentions Column In Tweetdeck

I’ve been a Seesmic Desktop user for as long as I can remember, though I started my Twitter desktop experience switching between Tweetdeck and Twhirl a long time ago. I ended up sticking with Seesmic Desktop when I started maintaining multiple Twitter accounts – I currently manage 4 different accounts, including my personal one. However,Continue reading “How To: Get A Single Mentions Column In Tweetdeck”

Seesmic For Android Adds Multiple Account Support

Not but a few minutes after I posted my thoughts on TweetCaster for Android, Loic LeMur, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at SXSW, announced an updated version of Seesmic for Android, complete with multiple account support! Of course I downloaded the update as soon as I could, to check out theContinue reading “Seesmic For Android Adds Multiple Account Support”

Tweetcaster Is Now Available For Android

When I first got my HTC Eris from Verizon, the first thing I looked for was a decent Twitter client that supported multiple accounts. I manage 4 different Twitter accounts, so being able to use all of those and monitor the various feeds is a major requirement. On my Symbian-powered handsets, Gravity covers this quiteContinue reading “Tweetcaster Is Now Available For Android”