Sacrifice For The Relationship

I’m an S60 fanboy, and I don’t have a problem admitting it. I’m rather proud of it, really. To be fair, I’ve used every other smartphone operating system on the market, save for Android. I’ve used a Palm, several Windows Mobile, and even a BlackBerry and the iPhone (which isn’t really a smartphone, imo, butContinue reading “Sacrifice For The Relationship”

Locked Down iPhone SDK Surprises No One

So the news is all over the place: The iPhone’s much-anticipated SDK, due to be released on March 6th, will be pretty locked down. According to reports, Apple will implement a system where it decides what iPhone applications are ‘approved’ and which aren’t, since they’ll be using iTunes as the delivery method. Also, apparently, theContinue reading “Locked Down iPhone SDK Surprises No One”