On The Road: #KloutChevySonic

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of cruising through the great state of Texas with my wife, our child, our chocolate lab, and the new Chevy Sonic. I introduced you to the Chevy Sonic previously, so I wanted to give you a better idea of the size of this little car. For the trip (justContinue reading “On The Road: #KloutChevySonic”

Site Idea: RoadTripper.com

Mrs. Guru and I are headed out on a road trip soon. We’ll be driving from Fort Worth, TX to Myrtle Beach, SC, 2,400 miles round trip. I’ve always been a big road tripper, as they’re far more fun than flying, and cheaper (even in my 2006 GMC Sierra, it’ll only cost ~$300 roundtrip toContinue reading “Site Idea: RoadTripper.com”