RIP Google Reader

Today, Google announced that it would be killing Google Reader as of July 1st, 2013. I really can’t believe I’m typing this. I’ve been an AVID Google Reader user for as long as I can remember. I’m still in shock. When I built my own website,, it was because all of the sites INContinue reading “RIP Google Reader”

How To Power Through 350+ RSS Subscriptions With Google Reader

As a tech blogger, I have to be looking everywhere for new stuff to post on. Over the past few years since I’ve started using Google Reader, I have accumulated just over 350 RSS feeds that I keep track of, and no, I won’t share my OPML file with you. However, I do want toContinue reading “How To Power Through 350+ RSS Subscriptions With Google Reader”

Living On Cloud 9…

Or cloud 4, or 5,802, it doesn’t really matter. I’m living in the cloud more and more these days. Tonite, I build an Excel spreadsheet. Yes, I voluntarily opened and created an Excel spreadsheet, basically to track the revenue from my website, It’s actually pretty complex, with formulas, some of which actually reference otherContinue reading “Living On Cloud 9…”