Don’t Get Excited About Wireless Charging At Starbucks

If you’re online today, you’ve seen the news – you can now wirelessly charge your phone in select Starbucks locations – the first of a planned nationwide rollout in all Starbucks and Teavana locations in the U.S., as well as Europe and Asia. The “Powermat Spots” are “designated areas…where customers can place their compatible deviceContinue reading “Don’t Get Excited About Wireless Charging At Starbucks”

Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones

Powermat is an awesome example of a tech company embracing my belief that technology should enrich and enable your real life. If you don’t know, Powermat produces wireless charging solutions for cellphones (currently). They use magnetic induction to charge your devices without having to plug them in. Currently, you need to have a Powermat-enabled device,Continue reading “Powermat Isn’t Satisfied With Cellphones”