Portal Lego Set Unfortunately Not Being Licensed

I love LEGOs, and I love Portal, the awesome video game where you play as Chell, who is trapped in an automated laboratory of sorts, with only a Portal gun (officially known as a handheld portal device). So you can imagine my excitement at seeing some renderings of a Portal-based LEGO set, complete with ChellContinue reading “Portal Lego Set Unfortunately Not Being Licensed”

You Could Own An Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

Since having a daughter, I’ve noticed that I have a renewed interest in toys. Not for her, of course, but for myself. I’ve also played less video games, which is sad. One of my favorite video games is Portal. If you’re not familiar, Portal is a bit different. There aren’t really any ‘bad guys’ toContinue reading “You Could Own An Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device”

GLaDOS Can Be Your Guide

Way back in 2007, when voice-guided GPS systems were all the rage, I was already thinking about an untapped market that to my knowledge, has still gone unnoticed – downloadable voice packs. More specifically, downloadable ‘personality’ packs for the voice-guided portion of GPS guidance systems. I wished for three different sets – celebrities, personalities, andContinue reading “GLaDOS Can Be Your Guide”

Yahoo Believes In App Fatigue, Do You?

I caught this piece on MoCoNews.com (great site, btw) earlier today, with Yahoo claiming that they see the beginnings of App Fatigue setting in, specifically in the mobile arena, and are building their mobile offerings around that observation. I definitely want to start by saying that I don’t really think Yahoo has ever been 100%Continue reading “Yahoo Believes In App Fatigue, Do You?”