Another Brilliant Use For Pico Projectors

While I have yet to actually get to play with one in real life, the idea of pico projectors, confirmed in countless demo videos that I’ve watched, is awesome. Pico projectors, if you’re not aware, are tiny projectors – often roughly the size of a cell phone – are becoming a big deal, allowing forContinue reading “Another Brilliant Use For Pico Projectors”

Hands-On With The Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector

One of the more interesting announcements at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (in my opinion, anyways) is the Samsung MBP200. This little device is roughly the size of a normal candybar cell phone, and houses an actual projector – yes, a projector. However, there’s more to it than that. Because projectors are only useful inContinue reading “Hands-On With The Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector”