Dronestagram Is Awesome

Longtime readers will know that I love to have interesting photography in my feeds and I like drones, so it’s no wonder that I’m currently obsessed with a new site called Dronestagram. The name is actually somewhat unfortunate, since the ‘stagram’ part of it brings to mind awkwardly filtered photos of tacos and beer bottles.Continue reading “Dronestagram Is Awesome”

This Is Now

I recently came across a project called ‘This Is Now‘. As described on the site itself, it’s “a visual composition which uses real-time updates from Instagram based on users’ geotagged locations. The tool streams photos instantly as soon as they are uploaded and captures a city’s movements, in a fluid story.” So basically, it looksContinue reading “This Is Now”

Photo Sharing And Organization Sucks

At Easter with my family, there were no less than 4 cameras floating around, and every photo opportunity, they were all crammed in my face. I keep asking, ‘Why don’t you just use one camera, and then email all the photos to each other?’ They’re all digital cameras, anyways. The answer, of course, is thatContinue reading “Photo Sharing And Organization Sucks”