Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options

I normally don’t do ‘news’ posts on this site, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Nokia’s Ovi Maps service, from the day it was conceived and I used it on my Nokia N80 with the Bluetooth-enabled GPS puck velcroed to my windshield. Now that I’m a full-time Android user, I definitely miss havingContinue reading “Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options”

I’m Quitting Foursquare

Location-based services are supposedly the next big thing (if not ‘the’ big thing currently). The premise is that you ‘chek-in’ when you get somewhere, telling various groups of people where you are. The original intent, at least for Foursquare, was for barhoppers and party-goers to be able to easily find their friends. When you’re outContinue reading “I’m Quitting Foursquare”

Why Isn’t The Nokia Booklet 3G Ovi-fied?

I just got hold of a Nokia Booklet 3G, straight from my friends at Nokia’s press office. I haven’t spent much time with this little laptop, but I’ve already noticed a major missed opportunity for Nokia’s Ovi services – they’re not here. When you pull the Nokia Booklet 3G out of the box and bootContinue reading “Why Isn’t The Nokia Booklet 3G Ovi-fied?”