Snow Leopard Might Be The Best Hackintosh OS X

So today was the WWDC keynote, where Apple usually unloads a bunch of new stuff. I’ve watched the past 3 WWDCs, via various liveblogs, and have to declare that today’s was by far the most boring. However, there was a small nugget of fun that most people seem to have overlooked. During the Snow LeopardContinue reading “Snow Leopard Might Be The Best Hackintosh OS X”

I Am Operating System Agnostic

In the past year, I’ve used Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu (8.04 and 8.10), and now OS X, on various computers laying around. It’s easy enough to burn an iso and load it up, and if it’s a spare computer, there’s not much to lose/backup/etc. Since I work online, it’s important for meContinue reading “I Am Operating System Agnostic”

I’m Now A Mac User

One of the things that really made the Dell Mini 9 appealing to me (especially since I already have a Fujitsu P1610) is the fact that it’s supposedly one of the easiest netbooks to ‘hackintosh.’ A hackintosh is a non-Apple computer that is outfitted with an unofficial copy of Apple’s OS X operating system. AsContinue reading “I’m Now A Mac User”