Orange Pitches A Sweet Technology Tent

Orange, a wireless carrier in Europe, has put together this sweet tent for the Glastonbury that I really hope we start to see in stores really soon. The tent features photovoltaic fabric (solar panels built from fabric, basically) that allow the tent to be whatever form factor you want, without the need for rigid solarContinue reading “Orange Pitches A Sweet Technology Tent”

Traveling With 2 Laptops

After my experience of trying to cover an event with only the Fujitsu P1610 2 weeks ago, I’m off on another trip, this one only to Florida, and am actually bringing both the P1610 and my Dell XPS M1330. The Dell is fully powered, able to edit video, run Photoshop, and a host of otherContinue reading “Traveling With 2 Laptops”