Aurora Borealis Over Norway

One of the top items on my bucket list is to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. I’d love to go somewhere foreign to do this, like Greenland or Scandinavia. While I’m saving up the money to get over there with my wife (and potentially daughter, depending on how long it takes me toContinue reading “Aurora Borealis Over Norway”

Lights Over Lapland

My fascination with Aurora Borealis is something that I’ve shared here before, and it’s something I’ll share here again, even after this post. In any case, I wanted to share this video called “Lights Over Lapland” which took over 3 years to capture and produce. Simply astounding. Seriously, close whatever else you have open, clickContinue reading “Lights Over Lapland”

Southern Lights As Seen From Space

I’ve long had a fascination with the Northern Lights. Every photo I’ve ever seen of them looks spectacular, and I’ve watched a few videos that confirm my suspicion that they’re simply incredible. I haven’t made it up there to see them in person yet, but it’s pretty high on my list of things to do.Continue reading “Southern Lights As Seen From Space”