The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing

I’ll admit, it’s tough to understand the concept of a netbook, for some. I mean, it’s *almost* the regular cost of a low-end notebook, but it’s smaller, and tends to be less capable in terms of processing power and that sort of thing. However, there’s tons of inaccuracies floating around out there, specifically in regardsContinue reading “The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing”

Best Buy Carrying The Nokia Booklet 3G Is Brilliant

Today we found out that Best Buy will be the exclusive carrier for the Nokia Booklet 3G in the U.S., offering it with an AT&T contract ($60/month for 5GB of data transfer, unless Nokia somehow convinced AT&T to give a discount with it, which I doubt). There‚Äôs no official word on the pricing as ofContinue reading “Best Buy Carrying The Nokia Booklet 3G Is Brilliant”

Netbooks Are Like Dumbphones

I should start this with a definition – a ‘dumbphone’ is not meant to be derogatory, but rather a description of any phone not classified as a ‘smartphone’ (see where the dumb- comes from?). One of the key ‘features’ of a dumbphone, for most people, is that it’s *not* a smartphone. It doesn’t try toContinue reading “Netbooks Are Like Dumbphones”