Real Life And Gadgets

I just read this awesome post from my friend Antoine about how he met our mutual online friend Trent in real life the other day. The two apparently had a great time discussing tech, and the conversation eventually moved to something that I firmly believe in: Technology should enrich and enable your real life, andContinue reading “Real Life And Gadgets”

N8 Producers Entry 1: Office Window

Not too long ago, Nokia announced their N8 Producers competition, which I think is fantastic (they also invited me to participate). It took a while, but I finally thought of a few ideas for videos to enter in the contest. The first one is actually something I’ve been thinking of for a while. I’m blessedContinue reading “N8 Producers Entry 1: Office Window”

Nokia N8 Producers Competition Is A Win

Earlier today, Nokia announced its N8 Producers competition, which encourages folks to produce the most creative videos they can using the Nokia N8. The entries will be judged based on their popularity, as well as the opinions of a panel of judges, and winners will get an all-expense-paid trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida, for aContinue reading “Nokia N8 Producers Competition Is A Win”

Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App

I’ve used Nokia’s Symbian-powered smartphones for years and one thing I always wished for was a proper blogging app. There were a few here and there that tried to offer a proper blogging experience, but they always seemed to be missing something. Fortunately, about 2 years ago, a team of folks decided to get seriousContinue reading “Checking Out The Nokia WordPress App”

Driving Home For VloMo

Since I forgot to upload a video for VloMo yesterday, I decided to do two of them today, so I could get back on track. While others have featured me talking to the camera, I decided that my second should be a bit more creative. You can watch ‘Driving Home’ below: httpvh:// I put theContinue reading “Driving Home For VloMo”