Spotify’s New Personalization Could Be Awesome

The big news today is that Spotify is not only adding video content, but also a much more personalized music experience for its users. Mobile music is something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I bought an iPod Classic years ago to bring my entire music collection on the go. I switched to Google Play MusicContinue reading “Spotify’s New Personalization Could Be Awesome”

In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset

I love listening to music. If it had it my way, I would be surrounded by music all the time. I also love ‘magic’ technology, and being wireless. I had previously been eyeing the Nokia BH-121, but could never actually find a place to purchase it, so I started looking at competitors, and found theContinue reading “In Praise Of The Sony SBH20 Bluetooth Headset”

Why I Love Counting Crows

I’ve been a Counting Crows fan ever since “Recovering the Satellites” was released back in 1996. There’s just something about the combination of Adam Duritz’ voice and their collective musical talent that feels right. They’ve been relatively quiet for a few years, working on a number of different projects. One of those projects is theirContinue reading “Why I Love Counting Crows”

The Cloud Music Battles Have Begun

When Napster effectively killed the music industry so many years ago, who’d have thought that it would be digital music that would signal the resurgence of the very same industry a few years later (albeit with a completely different look)? While the music industry would prefer that you buy each track individually (or worse, byContinue reading “The Cloud Music Battles Have Begun”

Why I Bought An iPod

In college, I bought a 4th generation 20GB black and white iPod at Sam’s Club (the HP Edition, actually). Back then, my music collection was only 10GB, and I figured that gave me plenty of room to grow. While using that iPod, I developed a pretty simple, yet strict method for keeping my music libraryContinue reading “Why I Bought An iPod”

How To: Properly Sync Music To Android With MediaMonkey

My love for MediaMonkey is not a secret – I found this desktop music management app quite some time ago and it quickly replaced Winamp for me due to the countless ‘extra’ features that make managing my music a better experience. You can read my full review of MediaMonkey here. While MediaMonkey synchronized with myContinue reading “How To: Properly Sync Music To Android With MediaMonkey”

What Are The Best $100 Earphones?

A few years ago, at the Nokia Go Play event in London, I received a pair of the Bose In-Ear earphones in my ‘goody bag’. These were the first pair of earphones I had ever owned that were worth more than ~$20, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with them. Unfortunately, they’ve gone out, and soContinue reading “What Are The Best $100 Earphones?”

Spending Time With The Normobs

While I’m still exploring other job opportunities, I realized that, since I’ve worked from home for the past 2 years, I’ve somewhat lost touch with normobs, and the things that the normal American cellphone consumer is using their phones for, and what they look for in their new phone. You may recall, a few yearsContinue reading “Spending Time With The Normobs”

Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising

Let’s face it – Microsoft is not exactly known for great advertising campaigns, specifically when it comes to consumer electronics such as its Zune MP3 player and music store. For several reasons, the iPod has dominated the MP3 market, mainly due to its tight integration with iTunes, and that application’s robust feature set. However, theContinue reading “Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising”