Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile

Despite what Mark Zuckerberg says, Facebook isn’t a mobile-first company, nor do they really ‘get’ mobile. Of course, I could take the easy way out and just point to their mobile apps as evidence for this. The Android app isĀ embarrassingĀ  and while the iOS app has improved greatly over the past year or two, itContinue reading “Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile”

A New Year Begins

Wow, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has already passed. What a crazy one it’s been, too. In March, I started a new position as the Social Media Community Manager at RadioShack, taking the lead on all of our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and The Shack Blog content. It’s been exciting and fun, butContinue reading “A New Year Begins”

Real Life And Gadgets

I just read this awesome post from my friend Antoine about how he met our mutual online friend Trent in real life the other day. The two apparently had a great time discussing tech, and the conversation eventually moved to something that I firmly believe in: Technology should enrich and enable your real life, andContinue reading “Real Life And Gadgets”

The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile

I have an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and have a few games such as Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, and Halo Reach that are very character-driven. The Xbox Live profile includes an avatar that you can dress up and buy things like pets and accessories for. It’s an entire ecosystem within the overall Xbox ecosystem, andContinue reading “The Gaming Industry’s Missed Opportunity With Mobile”

What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?

Several years ago, I conducted an experiment on Symbian-Guru.com called PC-Free For 30 Days. My main computer had crashed and was going to be in service, so I decided to see how I could complete the tasks that I normally do on my computer using only a Symbian-powered smartphone. The conclusion at the time wasContinue reading “What Will Be The First Computer-Free Generation?”

A Return To Mobile Blogging

A long while ago, I was really obsessed with mobile blogging – that is, blogging from a mobile device. I kept trying from my Symbian-powered smartphones, but kept coming up short. Unfortunately, software was the main limiting factor. There simply are not any great solutions for blogging from a Symbian-powered smartphone, in my experience. Yes,Continue reading “A Return To Mobile Blogging”

Taptu’s State Of The Mobile Touch Web Report Now Available

One of my favorite mobile search engines, Taptu, has just released the first edition of what they’re calling the State of the Mobile Touch Web report. They’ve come up with some special software that crawls the internet to find out which sites are mobile touch-friendly and which aren’t, and then run reports to look atContinue reading “Taptu’s State Of The Mobile Touch Web Report Now Available”

What’s The Point Of The MiFi?

When the MiFi was announced, I thought it sounded like an awesome idea. If you don’t know, the MiFi is essentially a 3G modem combined with a WiFi router. The device is roughly the size of a credit card, though thicker, and connects to a cellular 3G network (there are both CDMA and UMTS variants).Continue reading “What’s The Point Of The MiFi?”

How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop

If you’re a blogger or even just a mobile geek, you’re most likely somewhat interested in how various websites look when accessed from your phone. Obviously, you could simply pull up the side ON your phone to check it out. But what if you’re designing or customizing your own mobile site, or wanting to getContinue reading “How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop”

Should Smartphones Come With Data Plans?

A recent rumor at Boy Genius Report claims that T-Mobile is going to require most of its smartphones to be sold with a data plan. The concept is nothing new – most BlackBerries are sold with an add-on that includes unlimited data connections, and the iPhone is sold with a data package bundled from AT&T.Continue reading “Should Smartphones Come With Data Plans?”