How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop

If you’re a blogger or even just a mobile geek, you’re most likely somewhat interested in how various websites look when accessed from your phone. Obviously, you could simply pull up the side ON your phone to check it out. But what if you’re designing or customizing your own mobile site, or wanting to getContinue reading “How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop”

Consumers Don’t Want To Browse Desktop Websites On Their Phones

Consumer’s don’t *want* to browse the desktop web on their phones. It’s a brave statement to make, but I firmly believe it. The sad fact is, they need it, which is evidenced by the success of the iPhone’s web browser, as well as applications such as Opera Mini and Skyfire. Let me explain: The ‘mobileContinue reading “Consumers Don’t Want To Browse Desktop Websites On Their Phones”

Text Voting Is A Dead-End

I’m sitting here vaguely paying attention to American Idol and I’m amazed that they’re STILL using SMS voting (though they do have a phone option for non-AT&T subscribers). The more I think about this, the more I have realized what a poor medium SMS is in a situation like this. You have people who areContinue reading “Text Voting Is A Dead-End”