Initial Thoughts On The Asus EeePC 1000HE

I spent the better part of Wednesday night tinkering with, setting up, and exploring the Asus EeePC 1000HE, and wanted to record some of my first reactions. Most of this is coming from the perspective of the Dell Mini 9, as that was the previous netbook that I had. First off, the 1000HE has someContinue reading “Initial Thoughts On The Asus EeePC 1000HE”

My Desk, AKA Central Command

As a blogger/online journalist, one of the most important things is my desk. While I can (and often do) work from just my laptop while travelling or too lazy to go into my office, my desk is where I go when I need to get some serious work done, and where I spend most ofContinue reading “My Desk, AKA Central Command”

Holy Battery Life Batman!

I’ve never really thought too much about my laptop’s battery life. The XPS gets better length than my old Gateway MX6956, but it’s still limited to the ~3hour time frame, which isn’t anything impressive. When I got the Fujitsu P1610, I thought for sure I could go a bit longer without a charge, but theContinue reading “Holy Battery Life Batman!”

Dell Mini 9 Netbook Lands At Casa Guru

My friends like to make fun of me, asking frequently, ‘How many computers do you need? I thought you were a cell phone guy?’ It’s true, I am a cell phone guy, but at the moment, there are 6 computers in Casa Guru, 5 of which are laptops. The media center doesn’t really count, it’sContinue reading “Dell Mini 9 Netbook Lands At Casa Guru”