HTPC Project Completed

After posting a few days ago about how to put together the perfect HTPC, I did some more investigating and chatted with a few of you to come up with the perfect solution, for the time being. First, I needed to get a new video card for my eMachines tower that’s currently storing all myContinue reading “HTPC Project Completed”

The Quest For The Perfect Affordable HTPC

I’m on the quest for an affordable home theatre PC (HTPC) solution to go with my recently-purchased 46″ Samsung HDTV. I already have one, almost. I have an old eMachines box with an AMD Athlon 3000+ 64-bit processor at 1.8GHz and 2GB of RAM that’s connected to my router. Basically, it’s somewhat of a glorifiedContinue reading “The Quest For The Perfect Affordable HTPC”