Moto X – Things I Don’t Love

Now that I’ve had more time to spend with my Moto X, I’ve had a chance to discover a few things that really irk me about it. None of them are really dealbreakers for me, but they’re there, nonetheless. 1. No wireless charging – I knew this going into it, but I wasn’t sure howContinue reading “Moto X – Things I Don’t Love”

How I Use Locale To Automate My Android

When I switched from Symbian to Android, I was introduced to Locale as somewhat of an alternative to the Nokia Bots application found on Nokia Beta Labs. Locale has a ton of built-in features, but also lets you download additional plugins to add functionality, making it possible to automate dozens of actions on your Android-poweredContinue reading “How I Use Locale To Automate My Android”