The Toa Mata Band Is Back

In my role at RadioShack, I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to the Maker community. This community is actually very similar to the online/blogging/entrepreneurial/startup community, with one difference. The make community builds things solely for the purpose of seeing if they can build it, or because they wanted to (as opposed to building thingsContinue reading “The Toa Mata Band Is Back”

Portal Lego Set Unfortunately Not Being Licensed

I love LEGOs, and I love Portal, the awesome video game where you play as Chell, who is trapped in an automated laboratory of sorts, with only a Portal gun (officially known as a handheld portal device). So you can imagine my excitement at seeing some renderings of a Portal-based LEGO set, complete with ChellContinue reading “Portal Lego Set Unfortunately Not Being Licensed”

Everything You Never Cared To Know About Lego

I’ve had this in my starred items for a while now and finally sat down to read the full on interview that Gizmodo had with the fine folks at Lego. If you’re, well, anyways, as you know, Lego is a brand of toy blocks that you can build stuff with. You can get just aContinue reading “Everything You Never Cared To Know About Lego”