Spotify’s New Personalization Could Be Awesome

The big news today is that Spotify is not only adding video content, but also a much more personalized music experience for its users. Mobile music is something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I bought an iPod Classic years ago to bring my entire music collection on the go. I switched to Google Play MusicContinue reading “Spotify’s New Personalization Could Be Awesome”

Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without

Zach @ The Outsidr posted his list of products that he simply can’t live without earlier, and as any blogger with nothing to talk about is prone to do, I’m going to carry on his ‘meme’ with my own list. Yes, of course we *could* live without these things, if absolutely necessary, so I’ve renamedContinue reading “Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without”

Last.FM Could Overturn Music Industry

This is an incredibly deep and broad statement, I know, but I’m nearly 70% convinced that with Last.FM, I could delete my entire music library (currently roughly 11,000+ tracks) and not miss a thing. Seriously. Against my better judgement of installing yet another music player on my computer, I recently downloaded the Last.FM player, aContinue reading “Last.FM Could Overturn Music Industry”

Last.FM Is Going To Kill The R.I.A.A.

I could not support this more, and will be signing up for the $5/mo basic subscription at Last.FM this evening. Why? Cause of this article over at TechCrunch. Not sure how I missed this, but Last.FM has setup a way for unsigned artists and bands to get paid when their music plays – by cuttingContinue reading “Last.FM Is Going To Kill The R.I.A.A.”