Sony #ActionCam HDR-AS15 Unboxing

Say what you will about Klout and its algorithms, they’re great at connecting influencers with brands. I’ve been getting Klout Perks for a while now – thus far, I’ve gotten some Axe hair gel, a 3-day loan of a Chevy Sonic, and a Samsung Windows Phone device. Just the other day, I got my fourthContinue reading “Sony #ActionCam HDR-AS15 Unboxing”

My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 2

Yesterday I detailed my third Klout Perk, this one from Windows Phone that included a free Windows Phone device, along with VIP access to a private party and concert in Dallas with Young The Giant. You can read about the party here, but today I want to talk about the device. I also want toContinue reading “My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 2”

My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 1

Klout has been a hot topic lately, with many social media folks declaring it bunk, crazy, and making a big hooey about deleting their accounts. Instead, I’ve been exploring it, trying to find the value. While this is interesting to me as a consumer, it’s also directly related to my job as Social Media CommunityContinue reading “My Third Klout Perk – Windows Phone – Part 1”

OnStar RemoteLink On The #KloutChevySonic

The Chevy Sonic that I had the chance to drive for a weekend through a Klout Perk also came with OnStar pre-installed. My GMC truck doesn’t have OnStar, so I was pretty excited to see what cool stuff you can do with it. I did have to send a few emails to get a trialContinue reading “OnStar RemoteLink On The #KloutChevySonic”

In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic

I’ve already had to return the Chevy Sonic that I had on loan for a weekend through Klout, but I did manage to shoot another video of the interior of the car, this time with my 6-foot frame stuffed inside. The Chevy Sonic is definitely a compact car, but it was actually quite nice forContinue reading “In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic”

On The Road: #KloutChevySonic

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of cruising through the great state of Texas with my wife, our child, our chocolate lab, and the new Chevy Sonic. I introduced you to the Chevy Sonic previously, so I wanted to give you a better idea of the size of this little car. For the trip (justContinue reading “On The Road: #KloutChevySonic”

Introduction: #KloutChevySonic

A few weeks ago, I got an email that I was eligible for a new Klout Perk from Chevy, so I clicked over to check it out. Apparently, Chevy is launching a new vehicle called the Sonic. It’s their new super small car, and they offered folks with certian Klout scores a free 3-day loanContinue reading “Introduction: #KloutChevySonic”

My First Klout Perk

I don’t remember when I started using Klout. Given that it seems to track everyone’s Twitter account by default, I suppose one never really ‘starts’ using Klout (rather, you simply start using Klout more…). In any case, earlier this year, Klout launched one of the most logical monetization strategies for a company who classifies peopleContinue reading “My First Klout Perk”