Technology Today Isn’t That Far From Minority Report

Aside from the crazy idea of ‘pre-cogs’ who could ‘see’ crimes before they were committed, we’re actually much closer to the technology featured in Minority Report than you’d think. Minority Report came out in 2002, ten years ago, and blew our minds with this ‘vision’ of the future. Nevermind the plot holes of why pre-cogsContinue reading “Technology Today Isn’t That Far From Minority Report”

Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future

I’m firmly convinced that when my daughter is old enough to play video games, I’ll hand her a controller and she’ll look back at me, baffled, asking ‘What’s this, Dad?’ The controller – with buttons and joysticks and the like, will be relegated to nostalgia, similar to Nintendo’s ‘Virtual Boy’ or the trackballs of yore.Continue reading “Xbox Upgrade Is One Step Closer To The Future”

My Top Tech Toys Of 2011

I firmly believe that technology should enrich and enable our lives, so it’s no surprise that I use a lot of technology in my life. Some of these gadgets are for personal use. Some are for work, and others are just for fun, but here’s a list of the top tech toys that I discoveredContinue reading “My Top Tech Toys Of 2011”

Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live

Now that Nokia has finally launched a Windows Phone device, they need to begin making inroads in that ecosystem. One of the first opportunities that comes to my mind is gaming. Nokia has a weird history with mobile gaming. They were one of the first companies to put games on phones (Snake) and one ofContinue reading “Nokia Should N-Gage With Xbox Live”

Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom

I bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect a few months ago, and have done my best to fully embrace the idea and technology. The Kinect is definitely the future of how we interact with our in-home entertainment – gestures, voice command, facial recognition, it’s all there. Music and video content is readily available, too, withContinue reading “Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom”

Microsoft Kinect Is The Future Of Media Interaction

A few months ago, I joined the video game elite and picked up a 250GB Xbox with Kinect bundle. I grew up with PlayStations, but the controller-free part of the Kinect (as opposed to the PlayStation Move and Wii) really appealed to me. The system came with Kinect Adventures, which is actually a pretty impressiveContinue reading “Microsoft Kinect Is The Future Of Media Interaction”