Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard

One thing that I’ve covered quite a few times here is the idea of alternative inputs for our various gizmos and gadgets. Six years ago, you had two options – T9 alpha-numeric keypads or full QWERTY. While that’s still mostly what you have now, we’ve shifted the hardware QWERTY keyboards to onscreen versions, and onlyContinue reading “Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard”

7 Tips For Better Swyping

I’m a huge fan of Swype. I’ve mentioned them here before, in how they address the thriving development community, but I also think Swype is an excellent example of a new way to input text that my kids will probably use. Thankfully, more and more Android-powered smartphones are shipping with Swype pre-installed, which is awesome.Continue reading “7 Tips For Better Swyping”

Laptop Keyboard Backlights Should Be Standard

When I worked at Nokia, I was given a Lenovo Thinkpad as my work laptop. I don’t recall the exact model or anything, it was merely a work machine. However, one thing that really stuck out to me as a brilliant feature was a little tiny light nestled into the bezel around the display. WithContinue reading “Laptop Keyboard Backlights Should Be Standard”