I’m Drinking Coffee 2.0

Yeah, you read that correctly. You may remember a while back, I posted on here about a cool marketing thing that Joffrey’s was doing, engaging bloggers (as we usually drink far too much coffee) about what flavors and types of coffee we like the best. I first got a sample of their Jamaican Me CrazyContinue reading “I’m Drinking Coffee 2.0”

Joffrey’s Jamaican Me Crazy Enough For 25% Off

While watching MoBuzzTV in the shower on my Nokia N95-3 a while back, I heard that Joffrey’s was doing a beta trial of their new Jamaican Me Crazy coffee blend for bloggers, offering a free sample of coffee. Completely brilliant, as everyone knows that bloggers love coffee and are suckers for beta trials. I gotContinue reading “Joffrey’s Jamaican Me Crazy Enough For 25% Off”