Facebook FTW?

When Facebook first came available for my college, it was a day to celebrate. Hours were wasted pruning my profile and scouring that of others. Since then (nearly 5 years, which is crazy), Facebook has added various features and capabilities, but never really grew past a way to waste time – until recently. I don’tContinue reading “Facebook FTW?”

Introducing Rejaw, Another Micro-blogging Service

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ricky, dude, I’m already on Twitter/FriendFeed/Jaiku/whateverelse, why on *earth* would I want another one?” To be honest, it’s a great question. I’ve recently discovered Rejaw, and despite some initial skepticism (and a few notably lacking features), I’m really rather impressed overall. Here’s why… First up, what is Rejaw? FromContinue reading “Introducing Rejaw, Another Micro-blogging Service”

Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team

Yeah, I know, you can’t believe I just said that, what with the issues that caused even Walt Mossberg to denounce the service as not ready. That’s not why I’m offering props (similar to kudos, or good job, for those wondering) to Apple’s MobileMe team. This post on the Apple MobileMe pages is why. TheContinue reading “Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team”

JaikuInvites.com Invites You To Share

I’m an avid user of Jaiku, and since they were purchased by Google a while back, it’s been an invite only service, sadly. The biggest problem with this is that we ‘old-timers’ have invites, but there’s no way for people who’re interested in the service to snag an invite, other than signing up and waitingContinue reading “JaikuInvites.com Invites You To Share”