In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic

I’ve already had to return the Chevy Sonic that I had on loan for a weekend through Klout, but I did manage to shoot another video of the interior of the car, this time with my 6-foot frame stuffed inside. The Chevy Sonic is definitely a compact car, but it was actually quite nice forContinue reading “In The Driver’s Seat – #KloutChevySonic”

When Customer Service Isn’t

There was a story circulating the Internet last week about a little girl at an Apple store. It seems this little 10-year-old girl saved every penny she could for nearly a year so that she could buy herself an Apple iPod touch, which she desperately wanted. All good so far – I’m all in favorContinue reading “When Customer Service Isn’t”

My iPod Classic SkinIt Has Arrived!

I bought my iPod Classic a few weeks ago and have been loving the ease of synchronization between mobile and desktop again. I got the black one, which looks great, but if you know me, you know I like to customize my stuff, and it wasn’t long before I was on building a customContinue reading “My iPod Classic SkinIt Has Arrived!”

Why I Bought An iPod

In college, I bought a 4th generation 20GB black and white iPod at Sam’s Club (the HP Edition, actually). Back then, my music collection was only 10GB, and I figured that gave me plenty of room to grow. While using that iPod, I developed a pretty simple, yet strict method for keeping my music libraryContinue reading “Why I Bought An iPod”

Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising

Let’s face it – Microsoft is not exactly known for great advertising campaigns, specifically when it comes to consumer electronics such as its Zune MP3 player and music store. For several reasons, the iPod has dominated the MP3 market, mainly due to its tight integration with iTunes, and that application’s robust feature set. However, theContinue reading “Microsoft Going With Simple Advertising”

Chrysler GEM Peapod Shows How Auto Manufacturers Can Innovate

The auto industry, specifically in the U.S., is in the crapper, along with the economy. One of the major reasons is because they produce boring cars. Despite the massive amount of innovation taking place in wireless, mobile, and consumer electronics, the offerings from Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, and others has been pretty stale. Of course, theyContinue reading “Chrysler GEM Peapod Shows How Auto Manufacturers Can Innovate”