You Can Design And Build Like Iron Man Today

One of the best parts of the Iron Man movie series is Tony Stark’s lab/workshop. He’s got these crazy Minority Report-style 3D gesture-driven interfaces that allow him to physically manipulate a digital projection. It looks awesome in the movie, and it sounds really futuristic, but the fact is, we have the technology to do thisContinue reading “You Can Design And Build Like Iron Man Today”

Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard

One thing that I’ve covered quite a few times here is the idea of alternative inputs for our various gizmos and gadgets. Six years ago, you had two options – T9 alpha-numeric keypads or full QWERTY. While that’s still mostly what you have now, we’ve shifted the hardware QWERTY keyboards to onscreen versions, and onlyContinue reading “Microsoft Testing Curved Onscreen Keyboard”

7 Tips For Better Swyping

I’m a huge fan of Swype. I’ve mentioned them here before, in how they address the thriving development community, but I also think Swype is an excellent example of a new way to input text that my kids will probably use. Thankfully, more and more Android-powered smartphones are shipping with Swype pre-installed, which is awesome.Continue reading “7 Tips For Better Swyping”

POLL: Do You Landscape Or Portrait?

One of the things that I first hated about touchscreen smartphones was these little bitty portrait QWERTY keyboards. Perhaps because the first one I tried to use was the embarrassment of the one on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (pic above), or perhaps because I was so comfortable with T9, I don’t know. In any case,Continue reading “POLL: Do You Landscape Or Portrait?”