Amazon Prime Now Includes Classic MGM Movies and TV Shows

In a move of brilliance, Amazon has inked a deal with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) that will allow it to serve up tons of old MGM movies and TV shows to customers of Amazon Prime. As the streaming wars heat up, content is going to once again be king, and Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are the keyContinue reading “Amazon Prime Now Includes Classic MGM Movies and TV Shows”

My Name Is Ricky, And I Am A Cord-Cutter

When I was a kid, my sister used to babysit for a family that didn’t have a TV in their livingroom. The parents kept the TV in a closet, and they brought it out with a DVD player periodically, and let the kids watch pre-approved shows. It boggled my mind how those kids survived. NowContinue reading “My Name Is Ricky, And I Am A Cord-Cutter”

My Home Theatre PC Doesn’t Know Me

When I finally purchased a big-screen TV for our house, I was thrilled to hook it up to our media center, to have large-screen access to all of our movies, music, photos, and streaming content such as Netflix. I use Windows Media Center because it’s the easiest to setup and manage, especially since every otherContinue reading “My Home Theatre PC Doesn’t Know Me”

How To Properly Make A Mistake (Or Why I Love Hulu)

We have one TV in our house, and it’s a little 21″ tube tv that sits in my office, more for TV-Out with my Nokia’s than for anything else, really. There’s some foil-covered rabbit ears sticking out of the back, and nothing else hooked into it. So where do we watch TV? If you’reContinue reading “How To Properly Make A Mistake (Or Why I Love Hulu)”