Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken

I came across this story several times recently – apparently a bunch of internet folks are really annoyed that Outlook insists on using Microsoft Word as its HTML email render-er. Microsoft has addressed the situation, saying that it appreciates the feedback from users, but since they don’t believe there is a reason for them notContinue reading “Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken”

Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi

One of the better panels that I attended at SXSWi was called ‘Geek to Peak’, and centered around increasing and building my business as a consultant or freelancer. I found it really interesting, and ended up with a ton of notes. One thing that I’m currently working on is moving from saying ‘I am theContinue reading “Notes From Geek To Peak At SXSWi”