GLaDOS Can Be Your Guide

Way back in 2007, when voice-guided GPS systems were all the rage, I was already thinking about an untapped market that to my knowledge, has still gone unnoticed – downloadable voice packs. More specifically, downloadable ‘personality’ packs for the voice-guided portion of GPS guidance systems. I wished for three different sets – celebrities, personalities, andContinue reading “GLaDOS Can Be Your Guide”

Autoglass 2020 Could Be The Windshield Of The Future

Automotive is one of the industries that, from a consumer perspective, has missed the breakneck speed of innovation that mobile has enjoyed. Sure, there have been advancements in terms of safety, fuel consumption, and the like, but the consumer experience hasn’t really changed much in the past decade or so. We’re already seeing that beginContinue reading “Autoglass 2020 Could Be The Windshield Of The Future”

Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins

The location-based frenzy has gotten really interesting over the past 12-18 months, and gets more interesting almost daily, especially with the latest ‘check-in’ bonanza. However, current iterations, such as Foursquare, GoWalla, and GetGlue all require you to manually click the ‘check-in’ button. It requires you to do something to share your location with whatever groupContinue reading “Google Latitude Introduces Auto-Checkins”

Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options

I normally don’t do ‘news’ posts on this site, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Nokia’s Ovi Maps service, from the day it was conceived and I used it on my Nokia N80 with the Bluetooth-enabled GPS puck velcroed to my windshield. Now that I’m a full-time Android user, I definitely miss havingContinue reading “Ovi Maps Reporter Gets More Options”

Why Is Navigation Circular and Not Linear?

A few nights ago, Christina and I were driving down to Corsicana to pick up our niece for the weekend. While driving, I decided that I needed to find a QuikTrip to get a good drink. Having just installed Google’s new Voice Search update, I tapped the shortcut I’d setup and said ‘Find the nearestContinue reading “Why Is Navigation Circular and Not Linear?”