I’m Proud That Abilene Christian University Is My Alma Mater

When I chose Abilene Christian University for my degree, it wasn’t a very educated decision. I was already in Abilene, looking at Hardin Simmons University, and had some spare time. My mom, who was with me, suggested that we check out ACU, while we were in town, and I thought, ‘why not?’ It turned outContinue reading “I’m Proud That Abilene Christian University Is My Alma Mater”

Living On Cloud 9…

Or cloud 4, or 5,802, it doesn’t really matter. I’m living in the cloud more and more these days. Tonite, I build an Excel spreadsheet. Yes, I voluntarily opened and created an Excel spreadsheet, basically to track the revenue from my website, Symbian-Guru.com. It’s actually pretty complex, with formulas, some of which actually reference otherContinue reading “Living On Cloud 9…”

Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team

Yeah, I know, you can’t believe I just said that, what with the issues that caused even Walt Mossberg to denounce the service as not ready. That’s not why I’m offering props (similar to kudos, or good job, for those wondering) to Apple’s MobileMe team. This post on the Apple MobileMe pages is why. TheContinue reading “Props To Apple’s MobileMe Team”