How To Use Google Voice To Effectively Manage Communication

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, and tonite’s addition of the ability to port your existing phone number into Google Voice convinced me to do it sooner than later. I’ve been a Google Voice user since it was called Grand Central. I got my number way back then, and I’ve stillContinue reading “How To Use Google Voice To Effectively Manage Communication”

Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice

I’ve been a Google Voice user since it was called Grand Central, and use the number as a disposable one – I’ll give it out to anyone. Until recently, that was the only real benefit that I saw – using Google Voice like a filter, to control who has direct access to my ‘real’ mobileContinue reading “Of Course AT&T Doesn’t Want Google Voice”

Google Voice Vs. Spinvox: FIGHT!

I’ve been a Spinvox enthusiast for over a year now. I had previously completely turned Voicemail off on my phone, and Spinvox gave me a reason to turn it back on. You can read more about that here. Google Voice recently became available, including speech-to-text transcription, so I wanted to pit the two of themContinue reading “Google Voice Vs. Spinvox: FIGHT!”

How To Fail, By Google Voice

This week’s episode of ‘How To Fail’ is brought to you by Google’s new Google Voice service, formerly (currently, for me) known as GrandCentral. Google purchased Grand Central in July 2007, nearly 2 years ago, and promptly did nothing with it (unsurprisingly). The service has been active for existing users, but new registrations were closedContinue reading “How To Fail, By Google Voice”

GrandCentral Is Now Google Voice – SWEET

I’ve been a GrandCentral user for over a year, and use it constantly. Mostly, I use my GrandCentral number as a ‘throwaway’ number that I can freely give to anyone. I’m extremely protective of my ‘real’ cell phone number (haven’t had a landline for years) because I’ve had the same cell number for nearly aContinue reading “GrandCentral Is Now Google Voice – SWEET”