CES 2012 With RadioShack And Gizmodo

I’ve followed the tech industry for years, and this is always a huge time of the year. That’s right, it’s CES time – the Consumer Electronics Show takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a HUGE gathering with all things tech. I’m incredibly excited to be attending the show this year withContinue reading “CES 2012 With RadioShack And Gizmodo”

Gizmodo Wants The iPhone Pro, AKA The Nokia N97

I came upon this post from Gizmodo, one of the leading technology blogs out there. They’re unabashedly huge fans of the iPhone, but thought of a few features/aspects that the current iPhone lacks, that they would like to see, and so they created the iPhone Pro. Features of this desired ‘iPhone Pro’ include a slide-outContinue reading “Gizmodo Wants The iPhone Pro, AKA The Nokia N97”

Everything You Never Cared To Know About Lego

I’ve had this in my starred items for a while now and finally sat down to read the full on interview that Gizmodo had with the fine folks at Lego. If you’re, well, anyways, as you know, Lego is a brand of toy blocks that you can build stuff with. You can get just aContinue reading “Everything You Never Cared To Know About Lego”