Real Life And Gadgets

I just read this awesome post from my friend Antoine about how he met our mutual online friend Trent in real life the other day. The two apparently had a great time discussing tech, and the conversation eventually moved to something that I firmly believe in: Technology should enrich and enable your real life, andContinue reading “Real Life And Gadgets”

What Worked At SXSW 2011

I just got back from SXSW 2011, the annual nerdfest that takes place in Austin, Texas each spring. It’s a pretty harsh environment for someone to remain constantly connected. SXSW is spread out over several venues and covers most of the downtown area of Austin, so you’re constantly walking between hotels and meeting rooms. DespiteContinue reading “What Worked At SXSW 2011”

Otterbox Commuter Case For G2/Desire Z Review

Since I bought my T-Mobile G2 a few months ago, I’ve tried a few different ways to protect it. I first bought one of these cheap-o cases off Amazon – for $4 shipped, how can you go wrong? Now, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a bad case, it just wasn’t a good one. It didn’tContinue reading “Otterbox Commuter Case For G2/Desire Z Review”

LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome

One of my all-time favorite Android applications is LauncherPro. It’s available for free on the market, or you can pony up $3 through Paypal for the Plus version, which gives you a few extra features, including some widgets that mimic the popular Sense ones. LauncherPro replaces your phone’s homescreen and main menu, and lets youContinue reading “LauncherPro Makes Android More Awesome”

T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android

Back in July, I was desperately shopping for a replacement for my Nokia N97. I knew I wanted an Android-powered smartphone, but I also wanted a hardware keyboard and a dedicated camera button, and the phone had to support SIM cards. At the time, my only real option was to import a Motorola Milestone fromContinue reading “T-Mobile G2: Like An N97 With Android”