Fujitsu P1610 Up For Sale On Ebay

As excited as I was to get the Fujitsu P1610, the Dell Mini 9 has completely replaced it, so I’ve finally gotten around to putting the Fujitsu P1610 up on Ebay. Yes, I realize Ebay is a horrid, horrid place to sell things, but it’s also a bit easier to deal with than Craigslist. InContinue reading “Fujitsu P1610 Up For Sale On Ebay”

Holy Battery Life Batman!

I’ve never really thought too much about my laptop’s battery life. The XPS gets better length than my old Gateway MX6956, but it’s still limited to the ~3hour time frame, which isn’t anything impressive. When I got the Fujitsu P1610, I thought for sure I could go a bit longer without a charge, but theContinue reading “Holy Battery Life Batman!”

Dell Mini 9 Netbook Lands At Casa Guru

My friends like to make fun of me, asking frequently, ‘How many computers do you need? I thought you were a cell phone guy?’ It’s true, I am a cell phone guy, but at the moment, there are 6 computers in Casa Guru, 5 of which are laptops. The media center doesn’t really count, it’sContinue reading “Dell Mini 9 Netbook Lands At Casa Guru”

Traveling With 2 Laptops

After my experience of trying to cover an event with only the Fujitsu P1610 2 weeks ago, I’m off on another trip, this one only to Florida, and am actually bringing both the P1610 and my Dell XPS M1330. The Dell is fully powered, able to edit video, run Photoshop, and a host of otherContinue reading “Traveling With 2 Laptops”

Fujitsu P1610 – Great For Travel, But Not For Work

I just got back from Nokia World 2008, which was held in Barcelona, Spain. As you know, I also recently got my Fujitsu P1610, and was keen on seeing how well the P1610 would hold up to an event such as Nokia World, as my only machine. The smaller size, I figured, would be aContinue reading “Fujitsu P1610 – Great For Travel, But Not For Work”

Unboxing The Fujitsu P1610

It’s no secret that I used to run, and quickly realized that the Internet Tablets, while chock full of potential, don’t currently offer me the actual abilities that I need. I started shopping for a netbook, and came into a deal on a Fujitsu P1610, so I jumped on it. If you don’t alreadyContinue reading “Unboxing The Fujitsu P1610”