Mobile Geeks Of Fort Worth, Numero Dos

It’s that time again – time for all the mobile geeks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to get together, drink some beer, and geek out over phones, gadgets, netbooks, whatever other mobile toy you want to bring to talk about. Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth #2 is all set for Tuesday, August 3rd, at 6Continue reading “Mobile Geeks Of Fort Worth, Numero Dos”

Buying A Car – A Social Media Experiment

As you know, I’m quite into using Social Media for various things – it’s an awesome way to connect with both people and companies. Mrs. Guru and I were recently in the car market – we’ve been borrowing a truck from my dad for several months (while we bought CasaGuru), and have paid a fewContinue reading “Buying A Car – A Social Media Experiment”