Changing Defaults: From Firefox to Chrome

Young though I am, I get quite set in my ways – I’ve been a Firefox user for as long as I can remember, but have also noticed that the application frequently slows down, freezes, and causes my computer to run much slower, as well. Meanwhile, Google launched its new Chrome browser, and I’ve seenContinue reading “Changing Defaults: From Firefox to Chrome”

Firefox Introduces Add-On Collections

One of the reasons I stick with Firefox is due to its excellent library of add-ons, which add functionality or features to the browser. Thanks to a handful of add-ons, 80% of my experience on my computer is entirely done through my browser, and the other 20% likely could be if I really wanted toContinue reading “Firefox Introduces Add-On Collections”

How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop

If you’re a blogger or even just a mobile geek, you’re most likely somewhat interested in how various websites look when accessed from your phone. Obviously, you could simply pull up the side ON your phone to check it out. But what if you’re designing or customizing your own mobile site, or wanting to getContinue reading “How To Preview Mobile Sites On Your Desktop”

How To Get More Screen Space In FireFox

I’m a heavy FireFox user – it’s just so functional, especially with addons that really increase the utility. However, one thing that I find myself struggling with often is screen real estate. I’m a big user of the Dell Mini 9, which has an 8.9″ display. My main work laptop is a Dell XPS M1330,Continue reading “How To Get More Screen Space In FireFox”

I Am Operating System Agnostic

In the past year, I’ve used Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu (8.04 and 8.10), and now OS X, on various computers laying around. It’s easy enough to burn an iso and load it up, and if it’s a spare computer, there’s not much to lose/backup/etc. Since I work online, it’s important for meContinue reading “I Am Operating System Agnostic”

Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without

Zach @ The Outsidr posted his list of products that he simply can’t live without earlier, and as any blogger with nothing to talk about is prone to do, I’m going to carry on his ‘meme’ with my own list. Yes, of course we *could* live without these things, if absolutely necessary, so I’ve renamedContinue reading “Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without”

Top Five Must-Have FireFox Addons

I’ve recently joined the touch-friendly Tablet-PC crowd, with the Fujitsu P1610. It looks like a regular laptop, but you can swivel the display around and use it like a tablet – this is great for casual web browsing, especially with FireFox. However, it’s not perfect, and I’ve come across a handful of FireFox addons thatContinue reading “Top Five Must-Have FireFox Addons”