I Ditched Facebook’s Apps And It Is Awesome

A couple of months ago, I uninstalled the Facebook apps I had on my phone. It was only three – the actual Facebook app, the Messenger app, and the Pages Manager app. And it was the best decision I’ve made in a while (at least pertaining to apps and whatnot). Here’s why: I primarily uninstalledContinue reading “I Ditched Facebook’s Apps And It Is Awesome”

Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile

Despite what Mark Zuckerberg says, Facebook isn’t a mobile-first company, nor do they really ‘get’ mobile. Of course, I could take the easy way out and just point to their mobile apps as evidence for this. The Android app is embarrassing  and while the iOS app has improved greatly over the past year or two, itContinue reading “Facebook Doesn’t Get Mobile”

Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood

I have over 250 feeds in my RSS reader, and I keep up with a TON of news that way. I also often find things that I want to share. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I often plow through hundreds of news items in one sitting, and if I were to share everything I wantedContinue reading “Buffer Helps You Avoid The Flood”

Churches Going Social

I wrote previously about my church using SMS to add to the sermon experience, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this added to the information card that’s part of our bulletin: In addition to the regular information that you’re invited to share, our church now has fields for you to fill in your FacebookContinue reading “Churches Going Social”

Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since September of 2008 – that’s nearly 3 years – and I’m a heavy user of the service. I actually use the streaming feature more, but I do the DVDs occasionally, as well (I’m horrible at remembering to return them). Thus far, I’ve rated over 200 movies, and I’ve spentContinue reading “Why Is Netflix So Anti-Social?”

Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom

I bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect a few months ago, and have done my best to fully embrace the idea and technology. The Kinect is definitely the future of how we interact with our in-home entertainment – gestures, voice command, facial recognition, it’s all there. Music and video content is readily available, too, withContinue reading “Welcoming Microsoft Into Your Livingroom”

Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life

This past week, my wife and I announced that we’re pregnant. We had our first ultrasound (for this baby, and for us), and got to hear our child’s heartbeat for a few precious seconds. We got to see it, sort of (I still can’t see much in our sonogram, lol), at only 10 weeks intoContinue reading “Technology Enriching And Enabling Real Life”

How To Improve Your Facebook Experience

So you want to know how to improve your Facebook experience? It’s easy – disable email notifications. Facebook’s notification emails give you the absolute minimal amount of information, followed by a handy link to get you to load up your profile and check things out in depth. When someone comments on something, Facebook’s notification emails tellContinue reading “How To Improve Your Facebook Experience”

Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck

Last time I talked about changing my default applications, I was comparing Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox – two of the leading alternative web browsers. Today, I thought I’d look at the differences in the two leading Social Media tools – Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck. I actually started out using Tweetdeck, then moved to SeesmicContinue reading “Changing Defaults: Seesmic Desktop To Tweetdeck”

Back To Blogging Basics: Disqus

Since tossing the forum at Symbian-Guru.com, we’ve gone back to using the default comment system that comes with WordPress. We’ve seen a healthy increase in the number of comments left, which is fantastic. There’s nothing wrong with this system – indeed, it works well for most people. Unfortunately, there were line break issues with ourContinue reading “Back To Blogging Basics: Disqus”