How To Improve Your Facebook Experience

So you want to know how to improve your Facebook experience? It’s easy – disable email notifications.¬†Facebook’s notification emails give you the absolute minimal amount of information, followed by a handy link to get you to load up your profile and check things out in depth. When someone comments on something, Facebook’s notification emails tellContinue reading “How To Improve Your Facebook Experience”

How To: Unsubscribe From Junk Email In Gmail

A while back, Google added a feature to Gmail that was supposed to let you easily unsubscribe from various mailing lists, in an effort to clean up your inbox and reduce the amount of email that Google has to process. Unfortunately, the few times I’ve tried to use this (even for emails coming from aContinue reading “How To: Unsubscribe From Junk Email In Gmail”

Great Experiences With Discount Tire

Since I started driving, I’ve bought nearly half a dozen sets of tires, and all of them have been from Discount Tire, for a number of reasons. For one, they’re decently priced. They might be a bit more expensive than ordering online or whatever, but they’re not too overpriced. Second, they make the whole processContinue reading “Great Experiences With Discount Tire”

Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken

I came across this story several times recently – apparently a bunch of internet folks are really annoyed that Outlook insists on using Microsoft Word as its HTML email render-er. Microsoft has addressed the situation, saying that it appreciates the feedback from users, but since they don’t believe there is a reason for them notContinue reading “Thoughts On Microsoft’s Insistence That Outlook Isn’t Broken”

Peek Small Business Pack Is Brilliant

I just caught wind of the Peek Small Business Pack here at CrunchGear. The Peek is a wireless internet device – that’s it. No voice, no IM, no web browsing, just internet. It’s cheap (~$50 for the device, ~$20/mo for unlimited email), and does one thing, well according to most reviews. The company has madeContinue reading “Peek Small Business Pack Is Brilliant”

Pizza Hut Has My Respect

I’ve gotten 2 emails from Pizza in the past week, which most of you may think is completely odd, specifically given the fact that I’m *really* cheap and will usually drive out of the way to get the $5 Little Caesar’s deal. So, what did these 2 emails say, and why are they importantContinue reading “Pizza Hut Has My Respect”