What Are The Best $100 Earphones?

A few years ago, at the Nokia Go Play event in London, I received a pair of the Bose In-Ear earphones in my ‘goody bag’. These were the first pair of earphones I had ever owned that were worth more than ~$20, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with them. Unfortunately, they’ve gone out, and soContinue reading “What Are The Best $100 Earphones?”

Keep Your Noise To Yourself

I caught this post over at DigitalNomads.com earlier this week, and decided to cross-post my comment here. The post is about the best (and cheapest) noise-cancelling headphones, and encourages you to do-it-yourself using an old pair of headphones and some construction headphones. While that likely works fine, I much prefer to have something smaller forContinue reading “Keep Your Noise To Yourself”