Presenting The Guru’s Custom Android Boot Animation

Even though I’m not updating any longer, I’m still obviously attached to the whole Guru brand. I’ve used the Symbian-Guru wallpaper as the background on my Nexus One off and on, but recently decided that I needed to create a custom boot animation. The process is actually pretty simple, albeit quite tedious. I’ll shareContinue reading “Presenting The Guru’s Custom Android Boot Animation”

Introducing Chocomize Custom Candybars

This past Saturday night, Mrs. Guru was telling me about this awesome site that she read about where you could build your own chocolate bar with basically anything you want – gummy bears, skittles, even potato chips on top. Incredulous, I asked what the URL was, so I could see for myself. She couldn’t remember,Continue reading “Introducing Chocomize Custom Candybars”