Fossil Is Rehashing The Connected Wristwatch

Fossil has been around since 1984, specializing in clothing and accessories. They make some of the coolest wristwatches on the market, and they’re about to step up their game even more. They’ve recently announced their Connected Wristwatch line, a series of wristwatches that are able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth for various bitsContinue reading “Fossil Is Rehashing The Connected Wristwatch”

Where Is The Internet-Connected House

I remember, years ago, hearing things about how, soon, our homes will all be a massive collection of internet-connected stuff, all talking to the net, easily connected and whatnot. It’s not here yet, I can tell you that much. Despite WiFi being as common on sugar, the only things that can use it in myContinue reading “Where Is The Internet-Connected House”