iPad 2 For Content Creation At CES

When the Apple iPhone came out, it changed the game, but only for some parts of the mobile industry. One aspect that it didn’t even come close to touching was that of ‘content creation’. In fact, most of us who had already been creating content – blogs, podcasts, videos, photos, etc decided that the iPhoneContinue reading “iPad 2 For Content Creation At CES”

CES 2012 Is A Wrap

It’s Friday, and I’m finally home after a week in Las Vegas wandering around the monstrous show floors of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, looking at all the gadgets that were announced only days before. From smartphones to ultrabooks to massive TVs to the craziest accessories you could never dream up, it was a trip,Continue reading “CES 2012 Is A Wrap”

CES 2012 With RadioShack And Gizmodo

I’ve followed the tech industry for years, and this is always a huge time of the year. That’s right, it’s CES time – the Consumer Electronics Show takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a HUGE gathering with all things tech. I’m incredibly excited to be attending the show this year withContinue reading “CES 2012 With RadioShack And Gizmodo”