SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS Are Supposed To Fit Any Ear

Last summer, I was lucky enough to attend the Lollapalooza music festival for work, as part of a joint launch of the SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK speaker with RadioShack. It’s a sweet speaker, and I’ve got one in my bathroom, if you’re interested. At Lolla, I had the chance to hang out with theContinue reading “SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS Are Supposed To Fit Any Ear”

My Top Tech Toys Of 2011

I firmly believe that technology should enrich and enable our lives, so it’s no surprise that I use a lot of technology in my life. Some of these gadgets are for personal use. Some are for work, and others are just for fun, but here’s a list of the top tech toys that I discoveredContinue reading “My Top Tech Toys Of 2011”

What Are The Best $100 Earphones?

A few years ago, at the Nokia Go Play event in London, I received a pair of the Bose In-Ear earphones in my ‘goody bag’. These were the first pair of earphones I had ever owned that were worth more than ~$20, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with them. Unfortunately, they’ve gone out, and soContinue reading “What Are The Best $100 Earphones?”

Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without

Zach @ The Outsidr posted his list of products that he simply can’t live without earlier, and as any blogger with nothing to talk about is prone to do, I’m going to carry on his ‘meme’ with my own list. Yes, of course we *could* live without these things, if absolutely necessary, so I’ve renamedContinue reading “Stuff I Choose Not To Live Without”

Keep Your Noise To Yourself

I caught this post over at earlier this week, and decided to cross-post my comment here. The post is about the best (and cheapest) noise-cancelling headphones, and encourages you to do-it-yourself using an old pair of headphones and some construction headphones. While that likely works fine, I much prefer to have something smaller forContinue reading “Keep Your Noise To Yourself”