Nokia Booklet 3G Review: Things I Hate

Yesterday I shared some of the things that I absolutely love about the Nokia Booklet 3G, but it’s not entirely a win. Today I’ve compiled a list of things that really suck about this sleek laptop, and I hope Nokia is listening. Some of these can be fixed with software, while others will require aContinue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G Review: Things I Hate”

Nokia Booklet 3G Review: Things I Love

Now that I’ve spent some real time with the Nokia Booklet 3G, I wanted to put together a list of things that I really love about this little productivity tool. This list is in no way meant to be comprehensive, but it does stem from my experiences with the Booklet 3G versus the Fujitsu P1610,Continue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G Review: Things I Love”

Why The Nokia Booklet 3G Has 1GB Of RAM

Nokia has taken plenty of heat for the 1GB of RAM in its Booklet 3G, the company’s first netbook (or tiny laptop, whatever you want to call it, it’s a netbook). However, as I’ve done before, I think it’s important to understand the real problem behind this 1GB of RAM, as many sites/people do notContinue reading “Why The Nokia Booklet 3G Has 1GB Of RAM”

The Nokia Booklet 3G Is A Fingerprint Magnet

You can see in the photo, this was after less than 24 hours with the Nokia Booklet 3G. Keep in mind, though, that only the top cover is shiny-fingerprinty. The rest of the computer, including the keyboard and wrist-rest inside are all matte finish, and thus do not accumulate fingerprints as quickly. Unfortunately, the topContinue reading “The Nokia Booklet 3G Is A Fingerprint Magnet”

Why Isn’t The Nokia Booklet 3G Ovi-fied?

I just got hold of a Nokia Booklet 3G, straight from my friends at Nokia’s press office. I haven’t spent much time with this little laptop, but I’ve already noticed a major missed opportunity for Nokia’s Ovi services – they’re not here. When you pull the Nokia Booklet 3G out of the box and bootContinue reading “Why Isn’t The Nokia Booklet 3G Ovi-fied?”

First Reviews Of The Nokia Booklet 3G Are Poor

The first reviews of the Nokia Booklet 3G are coming online, and overall, they’re pretty bad. Thus far, Diggnation’s Alex Albrecht, CrunchGear, and have published their reviews on this sleek little netbook, with somewhat mixed results. To be fair, Alex doesn’t really ‘review’ the Booklet 3G as much as he unboxes it, but heContinue reading “First Reviews Of The Nokia Booklet 3G Are Poor”

Nokia Booklet 3G Gets 8 Hours Of Harsh Usage

The Wall Street Journal has had a chance to heavily test the Nokia Booklet 3G, including the supposedly 12-hour battery recently. The Nokia Booklet 3G is Nokia’s first foray into the laptop/netbook arena, and with my brief hands-on with it, is quite slick. I’ve owned three other netbooks thus far, and the Booklet 3G isContinue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G Gets 8 Hours Of Harsh Usage”

The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing

I’ll admit, it’s tough to understand the concept of a netbook, for some. I mean, it’s *almost* the regular cost of a low-end notebook, but it’s smaller, and tends to be less capable in terms of processing power and that sort of thing. However, there’s tons of inaccuracies floating around out there, specifically in regardsContinue reading “The Truth Behind The Nokia Booklet 3G Pricing”

Nokia Booklet 3G To Cost $299 From Best Buy

Today at an event in New York, Nokia announced that its Booklet 3G netbook will be an AT&T exclusive, taking advantage of the carrier’s high-speed 3G network. The mini-laptop will be sold exclusively through Best Buy, priced at $299.99 with a 2-year contract from AT&T. The contract requires activation on AT&T’s $60/month Laptop Connect plan,Continue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G To Cost $299 From Best Buy”

Best Buy Carrying The Nokia Booklet 3G Is Brilliant

Today we found out that Best Buy will be the exclusive carrier for the Nokia Booklet 3G in the U.S., offering it with an AT&T contract ($60/month for 5GB of data transfer, unless Nokia somehow convinced AT&T to give a discount with it, which I doubt). There’s no official word on the pricing as ofContinue reading “Best Buy Carrying The Nokia Booklet 3G Is Brilliant”